Crypto and AI will enable global financial empowerment

Blockchain combined with AI LLM and plug-ins will allow for a variety of financial empowerment tools, including qualitative research, quantitative onchain analysis, and the execution of smart contract creation and interaction. But that's just the start...


  • Financial Advisors for All

    Stay tuned for in-person meetups in your area! Updates will be posted on socials.

  • AI is the Best Trader

    Using IndexAI’s tools, ask your LLM to script trading strategies off just an idea, backtest it, then deploy it live

  • Be the 10x Engineer

    IndexAI can provide an AI agent every smart contract ever written, known exploits, and identify risks

Community Driven Roadmap

  • Q1
    Monetization: the $IAI token serves as the payment currency for queries
  • Q4
    Plug-Ins: the community aims to create a plug-in ecosystem, furthering the potential of IndexAI
  • Q1
    Smart Contract Sandbox: IndexAI plans to offer a live sandbox to evaluate smart contracts written by IndexAI